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There is a long list of holiday booking mistakes you can make and probably will. These include being too rigid with travel dates and using holiday agencies you don’t know. Both of these can cause headaches for you. But here are a few more to be aware of to avoid holiday disasters.

Taking Too Long to Decide on Accommodation

It can take a long time to go through page after page of lovely hotels and accommodation. And the selections can be so good you want them all. But you can only have one. And guess what? Those stunning villa rentals on and other great sites go pretty fast because everyone wants them. When you see something amazing with everything you want, lock it down and book right away. Indecision can be your greatest enemy when booking holidays.

Being Too Rigid with Travel Dates

This is one of the more tricky parts of booking holidays, but it can be a massive help to be flexible with your booking and travel dates. Of course, this is hard when you have work commitments, so it can help to cushion this with extra time off work or using the weekend dates and national holidays to your advantage. Some employers don’t like this, though, so be careful. But if you get it right, you can potentially get a better holiday deal from a tour operator by sacrificing a few days.

Avoid Holiday Booking Mistakes with Alerts

There are many travel apps you can use these days, and some of the best, like shopping, can alert you to good deals. These can help you save a ton of money, which is great news when you consider the average two-week family holiday costs upwards of £4,500. Some of the best holiday and travel alert apps you can use right now include Voyage Prive, and HolidayCheck. There are more, so it’s a case of signing up based on your personal needs.

Making Plans You Can’t Change

Sometimes, a great deal just falls into your lap. This happens with everyday products, luxury items and holidays. And for holidays, as with other products, there are almost always some conditions to a great deal. For example, you often cannot return a sale item in a store. And the holiday equivalent of this is that you usually can’t change the details once they are booked. This means the travel dates, room size, or type of package. So, read the terms very carefully.

Using an Operator, You’ve Never Heard Of

Never use a tour operator you have never heard of. There are many tragic cases of families being ripped off by bad operators or even plain scammers. Often to the tune of thousands of pounds. This is a golden rule. If you don’t know them, don’t use them. Even if they look great, reviews can be faked, and even an amateur scammer can put together a good-looking website in a few hours. Stick to the top-rated holiday agencies to avoid (hopefully) any disappointment.


Taking too long to decide on accommodation is one of the biggest holiday booking mistakes you can make. You should also sign up for holiday alerts and read the terms of good holiday deals.


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