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You must have that one piece of furniture you get sentimental about anytime one of your friends tells you to give it away. Fortunately, it won’t have to become a source of teasing if you took care for it properly.

Keeping furniture fresh and clean through regular care and attention is the only guarantee that a sentimental piece can stay in your home for long because, with tear and wear, the furniture could become a safety concern in the house. Therefore, it would be best if you cleaned and refreshed your furnishings regularly, instead of undertaking drastic repairs when a nightstand- for example- is at its worst.

Moreover, the basics of couch maintenance include foam cut to size at all times. Whenever the foam wears out, and you can see the wood, it is time to inform the carpenters. Otherwise, before this drastic turn of events, here are a few ways to care for your furniture:

Clean with Soap and Water

Of course, excessive water will damage a foam-filled couch- therefore use a damp cloth with a mild soap. After cleaning off the dirt, rinse with a soap-free damp cloth. However, be cautious about cleaning agents containing ammonia because they damage wooden surfaces.

Polish after Cleaning

For that shiny appearance on furnished cabinets, polish the furniture regularly. The polished tops both protect the surface of your wooden furniture and give it a refreshed look. Therefore, if you are interested, the furniture polish is available at any of the convenience stores in your neighborhood.

Polishes contain a relatively high amount of alcohol. As a result, you will need to check their alcohol concentration and only choose the ones with the lowest amount of alcohol. All this caution is because high alcohol concentration will strip the varnish off your wooden furniture.

Dust Your Furniture

When not doing a thorough cleaning, get rid of all the lint and pet fur from your furniture. If the dust builds up on the furnishings, it would be harder to clean it off. For instance, when scraping dirt off a cabinet, you might end up scratching the surface and defaming it. Moreover, when dusting, use a lint-free cloth or a vacuum cleaner to get out all the hidden debris, especially on couches.

Keep Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

As much as the sun is suitable for many things, it is not kind to wooden surfaces. If you leave wooden furniture outside, it will most certainly fade in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, the heat also melts wood finishes and creates hard-to-repair bumps and cracks. In reality, this is the reason there is outdoor and indoor furniture for your home.

Protect Your Furniture from Children and Pets

The minor marks and stains both children and pets make on furniture can accumulate and become challenging to repair. Therefore, if you have both pets and children in your home, use chair covers or protective pads on wooden surfaces at all times. Because ultimately, there is only so much you can do to prevent any damages to the furniture.

Final Thoughts

Furniture is the most prominent feature in your living space. Therefore, its maintenance determines the look and feel of your home. However, you don’t have to buy the latest furniture to attain a home upgrade. Instead, work with what you have and ensure it’s clean and polished.


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