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It doesn’t matter if you are studying for a big exam or learning something fun for yourself. There will be some level of studying involved so you can pass your test or just get really good at something. 


Studying used to just involve a lot of bookwork and writing, but that doesn’t work for everyone, and there are many techniques like Development and Growth with Stretched Learning, focus periods and deep work that can help you to achieve your goals. 


So let’s take a look at some of the studying techniques you can use to maximise your learning potential.



They say that when you have truly learned something, you are able to explain it to others in an easy to digest way. So what does that look like, and how do you get there? Take any text that you are studying, read a few lines and paraphrase it. 


What are the most important details? Make sure that you have the key concepts within your paraphrasing and can explain them to others without the book in hand. 


There will be a lot of reflection during this type of studying – have you fully understood the concept yourself? If you can’t make it simpler, you have room to get better. 


Related learning 

Whatever the main concept of what you are studying, there will be a range of topics around it that can help you make more sense of it. The more you know about the interlocking materials and subjects, the deeper your knowledge will get of the topic you need to know. 


Look at what subjects and topics might come before what you are studying and what comes after. 


This also works when there are problems to be solved; looking at problems and their solutions that are similar can unlock the path to understanding and solving the problem at hand. 



Many people studying expect to be able to absorb the knowledge at high-speed; however, not everyone learns that way. Learning faster doesn’t always mean there has been a good depth of learning taking place. Many smaller details and nuances to the learning can be missed when things are done at high-speed. 


Instead, it is important to accept and understand that learning can be a slower process that may need more time than you had initially considered. 


Many studies into how we learn suggest that learning a single material over the space of a few days can be more beneficial. While slower than cramming, it gives the learner a higher recall. 



There are concepts and words that just don’t sink in from time to time. To that end, one of the most important things that you can do is to start building associations between the words and concepts that you can’t seem to remember. 


Make songs, phrases, or mental images that will appear every time you need to recall this information, and this clears a pathway for your brain to find the information when you need it. 


Sometimes you can make studying easier by choosing the right way to learn: Education: Tips On Progressing Further To Support Your Family


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