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It’s natural to associate the word “poverty” with places in Africa, where people can’t afford basic necessities such as clean water, education, and food. In spite of these sobering statistics, did you know that in the UK, three children out of every thirty live in poverty due to circumstances beyond their control? It’s heartbreaking to think that these hard-working families must survive on less than £13 a day to afford basic necessities like food, heat, electricity, and transportation for their members. However, even if the government is able to support these families, it is unlikely that they will be able to escape their current financial situation.

It’s likely that you’ll need a certain amount of work and degrees under your belt before you can obtain a highly paid job (or at the very least a job that allows you to comfortably live on your earnings). Employers can provide a certain type of training to their staff in some cases, but they prefer that the staff they hire have some prior experience in order for their company to remain profitable. Consequently, it appears that the way to solve this issue would be to pursue additional education in order to secure a better-paying career for yourself and your family. However, for individuals who already have kids and families and one parent that is unable to work, it can be tough to study while also providing the income that your family requires to support them. The following are some strategies for furthering your education while still maintaining a full-time job and maintaining your financial stability.


Apprenticeships are a terrific way to earn money while learning. Read more here about Degree apprenticeships if you’re interested in working while you learn. Be aware that your salary will be substantially lower than you would expect while you are learning.

Online classes

Take an online course in your spare time to obtain the knowledge you want while still working. This will allow you to keep your job while you learn. Accounting online is an excellent option to learn accounting in your spare time. Imagine the job opportunities that would arise as a result of such training!

Take a job that has full training.

Taking a job that gives you all of the necessary training, as previously said, is another option. These jobs may be difficult to come by, and you will almost certainly be required to continue with the business when training is completed.

Part time college courses

Part-time college courses are an excellent option for those with kids or limited study time since they allow you to work while attending college. Prepare yourself for busy weeks in the near future. It’s an investment that will pay off in the end!

Try these four suggestions to help you advance your education while also increasing your ability to provide for your family. There is no wrong in attempting to improve yourself for the sake of yourself and your family. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


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