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When your home lacks privacy, it can make you feel a little on edge. But, fortunately, there are some simple solutions that you can implement. Making your home more private and upgrading it at the same time is certainly possible.

Privacy is important for a number of reasons. If you’re an introverted person, you often need space where you can go to relax and unwind, away from the rest of the world. Privacy gives you solitude. 

It is also important if you live in a crowded area with many overlooking buildings. It prevents any from spying on you. 

So how do you improve privacy in your home? Check out the following concepts: 

Add A Shed

If there’s a section of your garden that lacks privacy, you can add a shed. The great thing about sheds is that you don’t need planning permission for them. What’s more, you can usually put them up in a matter of hours. They are ot a big job. Either hire installers or do it yourself. 

Add Privacy Trellises And Panels

You can also add privacy more discreetly with trellises and panels. These are attractive and an ideal complement to your patio or porch. Put them in areas where people have line of sight over your property. Then allow vines to grow over them to make them look like a natural part of your landscaping. Within a season or so, they should provide all the privacy that you need. 

Choose A Gazebo

If people overlook your property from above, you might want to include a gazebo or pergola in your outdoor space. These structures keep the sun off you and can actually improve your garden’s aesthetics. 

Building permanent gazebos and pergolas sounds like a lot of effort. But they are surprisingly easy to assemble on your own. Again, just like trillices, you can allow vine plants to crawl their way up the side of them to generate a more natural look. 

Use Landscaping Along Your Property Line

If you’d like to create a secluded retreat for your family, consider creating landscaping along your property line. This way, you can create a natural barrier between you and your neighbors. 

If you want to do this quickly, find some rapid-growing evergreen shrubs and plant them a couple of feet apart along the border. You should find that they provide you with all the privacy that you need within a couple of seasons. 

Alternatively, you can choose deciduous plans. However, please note that these will take substantially longer to provide cover.

In some cases, you can get more privacy by layering both trees and shrubs. You’ll need quite a bit of space to do this compared to a fence, but the results can be stunning.

When landscaping along the border, make sure that you keep your trees and shrubs well trimmed. 

Add Screen Doors

If you want to prevent people from looking into your home, then you might want to install security screen doors. These prevent light from escaping your home, but they allow light to enter from the other side so you can keep an eye on what’s happening in your garden.

The best place for security screen doors is at the back of your home, replacing traditional French sliding doors. Visually, they look similar, but they offer added privacy benefits not available when you use regular glass. 

Try Using A Fountain

You can also try adding privacy to your outdoor spaces using a fountain. Fountains improve auditory privacy by creating background noise that helps to drown out your conversations. This allows you to talk about things more freely on your terrace without the neighbors overhearing. 

Fountains aren’t as expensive as you might imagine. Many are standalone pieces of equipment that use solar panels to charge their motors during the day. You can also connect them to extension leads if you want to keep them running all the time. 

Those of you who have lots of birds in the garden might want to try recirculating bird baths. These provide ambient noise and attract beautiful birds to your garden as well. 

Use Privacy Screens For Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is an affordable way to mark out your property’s boundaries, but it doesn’t offer a great deal of privacy. However, there’s a simple solution. You can now buy privacy screens that attach to chain link fencing, allowing you to quickly create a regular paneled fence. 

These types of fences are ideal if you live on a row of properties where all the gardens at the rear are at the same level. Screens can be up to six feet tall, meaning that even if your neighbours are standing up, they still won’t be able to see into your garden.

Most screens are made of plastic composite material. This makes them light and weather resistant. They are also easy to install. Most kits clip together, meaning that you don’t need to hire a contractor. 

You can also get privacy screens made of mesh fabric. These tend to be attractive and lightweight, fitting in with your garden’s theme.

Upgrade Your Exterior Fencing

Lastly, you may want to consider upgrading your exterior fencing for your home. If you have a small garden, then wood fences are a good option. These are exceptionally popular in this country because you can build them tall. Wood also looks natural and is often in keeping with the surrounding area. 

You can opt for concrete block walls if you want something that will stand the test of time and block out noise, but they are expensive. They may also be unpopular with neighbours if they are an eyesore. 

Another option is vinyl or PVC fences. These offer roughly the same aesthetics as wood fences, but typically at a much lower cost. What’s more, because they are made of plastic, they tend to be more durable. However, in high temperatures, they can become brittle and fail, so you’ll need to source them from a reputable brand. 

So, which of these concepts will you use to improve home privacy?


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