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After a year spent stuck in our homes, our rooms and décor have become a little worn and in need of a revamp. As one of the most-frequented rooms in our homes, the kitchen is a prime example, and given that it was also one of the most-targeted renovations before the pandemic hit, according to a 2018 Hiscox survey, chances are you’re also champing at the bit to give yours a new lease of life.

To help guide your kitchen redesign, here are five great ways you can revamp your kitchen this summer.

Go two-tone

All too often, our kitchen units are all the same colour. It makes sense to do it this way, but it can end up looking a little boring. A good way to add a splash of colour and variety is to abandon the blocks of colour, and instead go for two tones that compliment one another.

This could be as simple as repainting your upper cupboards or kitchen island, or going for a cross-hatched approach. But whatever you choose, keep in mind colours and shades which work well together – use a colour wheel if you’re unsure.

Storage and display

When planning kitchen storage, we can feel the impulse to just put everything locked away in the cupboards. This can look a little muted and lacking, so by installing rails, magnetic strips, and hooks, you can instead display your much-loved pots and pans, as well as tools like knives, as you get the additional benefit of making your kitchen that bit more ergonomic.

Create a feature wall with bold wallpaper

While the wallpaper should be robust enough to deal with a sometimes-steamy kitchen, putting it up on a single wall can be a lovely way to introduce warmth and texture into the kitchen space. Using a scraper, remove the old wallpaperfrom the wall and replace it with a colour and pattern that will complement your cupboards and other wall surfaces (a colour wheel can come in handy here too).

Feature splashbacks

White plain metal or gloss paint are fine for your sink and hob splashback surfaces, this area is perfect for injecting a little personality into your kitchen. With tiling so popular nowadays, there are countless designs and finishes to choose from, although going for a glazed tile can make cleaning just that slight bit easier.

Change your cupboard handles

Typically overlooked, our kitchen cupboard handles really do tie the style of the space together. While the choice is relatively dependent on the design of your kitchen cupboards – you wouldn’t want Victorian-style handles opening an ultra-modern cupboard, after all – it’s worth shopping around and seeing what handle options are out there. Having the right set can be that perfect flourish that makes your kitchen that bit more enjoyable to spend time in.

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