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how to save money on holiday

The last year hasn’t been great for travel. With COVID restrictions and closed borders, getting away on holiday has been harder than ever. But looking to 2021, with vaccines rolling out over the world, it seems like travel may be back on track. 

The pandemic has also led to a lot of economic disruption. People have lost their jobs, been furloughed and it’s harder than ever to find a new job. With people having less money available to them, travel is difficult for a whole new reason. 

Yes, travel may be allowed sometime soon, but will anyone be able to afford it?

Holidays tend to be seen as a big expense. This is mostly right – but there are some ways you can save money on your trips. With these tips, hopefully, a holiday soon won’t feel like such an expensive impossibility. 

Be smart about what you spend on

There are some aspects of travelling which are fun, but not necessarily essential. Do you really need to fly business? Economy, whilst more cramped, is just as fine. Remember, the flight is only for a short period of time. Surely you can manage it for the saving.

Similarly, it’s lovely to eat out when you’re on holiday. In fact, one of the best bits about travelling is tasting the local cuisine. Whilst you definitely should eat out a couple of times when on holiday, it doesn’t need to be for every meal. You’ll save so much money by taking packed lunches with you and eating at home. Anyway, a trip to a Spanish supermarket is an experience in itself!

Choose insurance carefully

When you go abroad, often some kind of insurance will be necessary. Whether this is holiday insurance, travel insurance, or insurance for a hire car, this cost is easily forgotten. But it adds up…

To get the best insurance for the lowest cost, using comparative sites is the best way forward. Alternatively, doing your own research may lead to finding insurance that suits you best – click here to start looking.

Travel with a group

Solo travel is a lot of fun (and maybe more COVID safe, thinking about it), but travelling in a group will massively reduce your costs.

Just think: if you need to get a taxi, the fare is split between you and your friends or travel companions. If it’s just you, you’ve got to cover the whole cost. 

Plus, travel packages often include group discounts. Many tourist spots will be cheaper for groups, whether that be a castle, tour or museum. Plus, travelling with friends is much more fun! Holiday memories can bond a group for many years to come. So save money and have a great time travelling with friends. 

Travel should return to us soon, hopefully. When it does, make sure to be conscious of your saving. Just think: the cheaper your holiday is this time, the quicker you’ll be able to afford travelling again. 



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