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Having the freedom to take trips, see the world, or even explore your home country can make you feel incredible. For this freedom to be able to occur, you need to make sure you have the finances behind you to pay for your excursion, as well as your usual living expenses. Becoming smarter with your money, and what you do with it, can go a long way to making this process easier. If you have a destination in mind, finding out the rough cost of your trip should be your first step. From there, you can implement measures that will allow you to save, but while still ensuring you do not go without in the now.

Saving for the Future

While you may enjoy travelling as a family now, there may come a point when your children reach adulthood where you all want to travel independently. You can set up your own savings account to plan for your first child-free excursion, alongside a junior ISA at, which can help you put saving money aside for your children now. This means that they can have their own first adventure courtesy of your years of planning and investing.

Budgeting Monthly

Any money that you do get over the coming months is best optimised by using a budgeting plan. This can tell you what your overall income will be, as well as any essential outgoings. It is important that you include your regular savings within these outgoings. Any money leftover can be used as you see fit, including to top up your savings that bit more.

By learning to live within your means, you will always have extra money to put aside, meaning your next holiday could come a lot sooner than you thought. In addition, you will also be able to avoid getting trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of debt and interest payments. If you can remove any debts, and avoid using credit cards, this can increase the amount of money you have at your disposal each month.

Out with the Old

You may have a number of unused items within your home that are simply gathering dust. Old clothing that is still in good condition, furniture items that no longer match the aesthetic of your home, and even unwanted gifts, can all be turned into extra cash to put towards your next holiday. You can choose to sell these items online, at local bric-a-brac sales, school fetes, or even at your local car boot sale. While you may not get as much as you initially paid for them, it can help to increase the amount of storage within your home, and allow you to have more spending money on that holiday. 

Looking after your money is an essential life skill that people need to learn to do. This not only helps with planning your next adventure, but also with making purchases, removing the need for impulse buying, and ensuring you are not left struggling should unexpected payments occur.


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