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guide to getting 5 star airbnb reviews

If you are an Airbnb owner or thinking of becoming one, there are a few important steps to ensure your space is guest-friendly and ready to receive five-star ratings. If you’re curious to know, keep reading.

Clear and clean

First, declutter and get rid of any rubbish in your Airbnb. If there’s too much junk to fit in your wheelie bin, it is a good idea to hire a skip. Skip bin hire ensures fast and efficient cleanup operations.

Before going any further, give the guest space a thorough clean so that organising will be easier. For bedroom areas, wicker baskets are a practical storage solution. You can use them to store linen, pillows and towels, for example. Aesthetically, wicker baskets add warmth to a space. You could even use wicker baskets to create a home for potted plants.

Set the right expectations

It’s vital to create an honest listing by describing your guest space accurately. Emphasise the good points, like any extra amenities you provide or if you’re situated in an advantageous location. But also remember to mention any factors a guest may consider negatively. That way, it won’t come as a shock to them, and a lower rating will be less likely.

For example, if there’s no driveway or street parking for your guests, ensure you highlight this and provide a solution like a nearby car park or free parking street. This ensures their expectations are met, and they know where to go ahead of time.

Add a personal touch.

These days, modern hotels are minimalistic and can be quite similar. Therefore, many guests appreciate a homey atmosphere if they are looking to stay in an Airbnb. 

Stylising your space to include elements of the surrounding location will create a memorable experience for your guests. For instance, if it’s by the sea, a nautical or beach house theme will not go amiss. Seashells look great as decorative ornaments, and furniture can be accessorised with rope, even these toilet roll holders look snazzy. For inspiration, check out Pinterest. 

Clear communication

Sending a check-in message, a check-up message, and a checkout message to your guests is essential if you want to receive positive reviews. In the check-in message, let them know exactly how to access the space, any important information like the WIFI password, and additional extras they may be interested in like a list of local restaurants. A check-up message simply involves asking them how they are getting on and if you can help in any way. Lastly, the checkout message thanks them for their stay and encourages them to leave a good review.

Consider the little things

It’s often the little things that can add up to a five-star review. Like putting a coffee machine in the guest’s room so they can wake up to a warm cuppa – don’t forget sugar, sweetener, milk and mugs. Or even creating a towel display on the end of their bed will make for a pleasant welcome.


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