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If you have ever undergone a home renovation before, you will know that it can become pretty stressful. With the logistics, the physical upheaval of your home, and the financial aspect of things, the whole thing can become a total nightmare if you do not carefully manage your stress. Just like any big project, if you allow it to overtake every aspect of your life, it will turn from an exciting endeavour into a source of anxiety which you can’t wait to be rid of. In this blog you will find out how to manage your stress when your home is turned upside down, and how to enjoy the process of changing your home for the better.

The Physical Upheaval

If you are a person who thrives in a controlled, routine-based environment, you may find that this time is highly stressful for you. Whether you are building an extension on your home or renovating the existing space, it is likely that your home will be dustier, dirtier, more cluttered and more disruptive than ever before. This can trigger high anxiety in people who find comfort in their home space. So how can you combat this anxiety and stress?

Firstly, when preparing for your renovation, it is time to mentally prepare yourself for disarray. This might involve making a box of things, or perhaps an untouched room in your home, which acts as your safe space. This is a space untouched by the renovation, which will help ground you to reality and make you feel safe among the chaos. While the renovation is underway, try not to act out and lash out at others because you feel anxious. Instead, find that safe object or room which grounds you, and spend time there each day. 

In addition, if you are concerned about precious items in your home being damaged by dust or renovation equipment, try loading it into a storage facility until the renovation is complete. You can find storage units which are inexpensive and will protect your belongings from ruin.

Financial Worry

In order to combat financial stress that stems from your renovation, planning is crucial. Before you undergo a renovation, budget your money to the penny for the next few years, or however long you will be undergoing the renovation for. This will help you to feel calm with your extra outgoings each month, because each payment will be planned and accounted for. 

Of course, there are always aspects to renovation which take you by surprise, including bills you didn’t plan for. Instead of freaking out about this, make sure that you go through each payment, and come up with a strategy for paying the extras calmly. This will help you to combat financial worry and be more relaxed throughout the process of renovation. 

All in all, renovations are worth it in the end – but they aren’t without their stressful moments. If you are easily frazzled by change, make sure you implement these steps before and during the renovation, to secure your peace of mind while your home is in chaotic disarray. 


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