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best vegan backpacks

Looking for the best vegan backpacks for your travels?

You’d think being vegan is mostly about food, but there’s so much more to living an ethical lifestyle than just what you put in your mouth. If I’m being honest, I find eating the easiest part! It’s everything else that can be a bit of a minefield, and clothing is one of them…

What makes a backpack vegan?

If you’re not vegan yourself, you might be wondering what the hell is a vegan backpack, after all, we don’t eat them! Vegans are against exploitation of animals and therefore swerve all animal products. Therefore, you won’t find us wearing anything that is made from or contains wool, silk, leather, or even certain glues that are not deemed vegan due to the animal-derived ingredients.

Why choose a vegan backpack?

Compassion! If you’re trying to lead a more animal-friendly and sustainable lifestyle then cutting out, or cutting down, on animal products is one of the best things you can do for Mother Earth. There’s a general assumption that leather is just a ‘by product’ of the meat industry and therefore fair game. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and the leather industry is a dark and horribly cruel place. If it contains animal, it’s more than likely that poor animal suffered. Leather also equates to more toxic chemicals, did you know they’re used to stop the corps of the animal from rotting? Choosing vegan is choosing kindness.

According to LiveKindly the vegan leather market is set to be worth $85 billion by 2025!

Thankfully, veganism has gone truly mainstream over the past couple of years, and vegan fashion is much easier to come by and source than it used to be. Here are some of the best vegan backpacks that are ideal for your travels, or for your commute to work!

Best Vegan Backpacks For Travellers

Matt and Natt ‘Brave’ Vegan Backpack

Matt and Natt was one of the first vegan accessories brands I came across as a newly turned vegan. I’ve bought several backpacks and purses over the past 4/5 years and the quality has always been really great. The Brave backpack is ideal for city breaks and short haul trips, thanks to its size it’s big enough to store a 13″ laptop as well as your essentials. Ideal for digital nomads on-the-go. Matt & Natt products are also made with various recycled materials, so not only are they vegan friendly, they’re sustainable too.

Buy the backpack here (UK) // Buy the backpack here (USA)

best vegan backpacks

Fjallraven Classic Kanken Vegan Backpack

The Kanken backpack is a super popular style, thanks to its minimalist design and variety of fun colours and limited edition patterns available. The Kanken is also made entirely of recycled plastic bottles which is pretty cool and therefore eco friendly too. It’ durable, quick-drying and water-resistant. Beware of the fakes that are flooding eBay, I never condone buying counterfeit goods, and it means you’re supporting potentially unethical sellers.

Buy the backpack here (UK) // Buy the backpack here (US)

best vegan backpacks for travellers

ROKA Vegan Backpack

One of the fabulous ROKA backpacks is high on my wishlist at the moment! They’re vegan friendly (obviously), weather resistant, tough, durable and lightweight! There’s tonnes of different colour ways and styles too. Not only this, ROKA are also passionate about ethics, with all bags produced in socially compliant factories. Click the links below and tell me which colour is your favourite.

Buy the backpack here (UK) // Buy the backpack here (US)

vegan backpack

Hemp Vegan Backpack (UK)

I love these hippy style hemp backpacks! They’re sustainable, vegan and super cute too. I’ve linked to a version here from a UK seller but I’ll also link a US one below for my American vegans. I’ve seen similar versions at the Ibiza hippy market and every year I walk past them and kick myself that I didn’t buy one.

Buy the backpack here (UK) 

vegan backpack hemp

Hemp Vegan Backpack (US)

As promised, here is a link to a US hemp-style backpack which is just as pretty! If you click through, you’ll not only find the version below but tonnes of other colours and patterns too.

Buy the backpack here (US)

best vegan backpacks

Eastpak Tecum Vegan Backpack

If you’re heading off on a big adventure, you’re gonna need a bigger backpack! I have a few Eastpak backpacks and holdalls and the quality is great, plus many of their products are vegan too (just search for vegan on the website). The Tecum style of backpack is vegan friendly and available in a few different sizes depending on what you’re after!

Buy the backpack here (UK) // Buy the backpack here (US)

best vegan backpack

Vegan traveller? Check out my vegan food travel guide series! Thanks for reading.

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