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easy to make vegan snacks

I don’t know about you guys, but this lockdown is making seriously snack! With little else to do other than sit at my MacBook getting on with work, I find myself heading to the kitchen way more than usual to suss out what I can make. Since going vegan, I definitely feel like my snacking is much healthier (ok aside from the NOMO chocolate bars that I’m obsessed with) and I tend to think about my snacks in advance.

This extra time has definitely sparked a new enthusiasm for cooking and baking. Here are a roundup of 10 easy to make and healthy vegan snacks to enjoy during lockdown! Be sure to check out some of these fabulous websites for more recipe inspiration.

Turmeric protein balls

Turmeric is a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory and definitely a staple you should have in your cupboard! Date and nut balls have been a protein favourite of mine for a while and when I used to work in an office, would be my mid-morning choice of stuck. A great elevensies to enjoy with a cup of tea (or in my case, Pepsi Max) plus super easy to make.

Find the recipe here (photo courtesy of A Saucy Kitchen – a great website for more amazing recipes)

easy healthy vegan snacks

Vegan salmon blinis

Bosh are one of my FAVE places for recipe inspiration, I love everything I’ve made from them. These vegan salmon blinis are perfect lunchtime snacks.

Find the recipe here

vegan salmon bites

Crispy edamame 

Wagamama introduced me to the wonder of edamame and I never looked back. This is SO easy to make. Swap the parmesan for vegan parmesan (my favourite is the Violife) and you’re good to go. I could eat this all day long.

Find the recipe here

easy to make vegan snack

Baked grain free falafel bites

Falafel and hummus is one of my favourite easygoing snacks. These grain-free falafel bites look amazing as either a snack on their own, in a pitta bread, or perhaps as a salad topper.

Find the recipe here (photo courtesy of Simply Quinoa)

falafel bites

Hummus and…well…anything

It wouldn’t be a vegan snack list without a delicious homemade hummus! Having hummus in the fridge is a vegan staple, and I tend to eat with pretty much anything. If I want a super quick snack, I’ll just chop up some carrots and bell peppers and enjoy.

Find the recipe here

easy vegan snacks on the go

Easy vegan quesadillas

I love Mexican food, and regularly batch make chillis to enjoy with a little vegan cheese. These quesadillas are a Mediterranean take on quesadillas and they sound AMAZING. Definitely trying these out soon.

Find the recipe here (photo courtesy of This Savory Vegan)

healthy vegan snacks

Vegan breakfast muffins

These breakfast muffins made with muesli and pecans are perfect for morning snacks, and can also be batch made and frozen too! Enjoy warm with a little spread of vegan butter. YUM!

Find the recipe here

Easy raw vegan brownies (no bake!)

If baking isn’t your thing, you can’t go too wrong with this no bake recipe. How delicious do they look?! Minimal ingredients too, just how I like it!

Find the recipe here (photo courtesy of The Minimalist Baker)

easy to make vegan snacks

Vegan Greek salad wraps

Wraps are a great lunchtime option, easy to make with minimal mess! These Greek salad wraps from Well Vegan are delicious, and have become a regular occurrence in my lockdown lunches.

Find the recipe here (photo courtesy of Well Vegan)

easy vegan wraps

Balsamic glazed roasted cauliflower 

I never realised the true potential of the humble cauliflower until I experimented with cauliflower steaks and sticky wings. Gamechangers!! Loving this balsamic glazed roasted cauliflower, super simple and healthy. Serve with a tonne of green veggies for a light lunch.

Find the recipe here 

cauliflower recipe vegan

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