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a guide to freelance digital marketing

If lockdown has helped you to reassess where you are in your life and what you want to be doing, then it can be a good time to make and plan out some changes. Career-wise, being able to do something flexibly and from home (or anywhere in the world) can help you to be able to live your life as you want to, and get away from the nine-to-five drag. I know just a couple of years ago I found myself in that very position, craving freedom, and the ability to work for myself wherever in the world. Perhaps you are already a freelancer, but you want to expand what you do or improve the digital marketing aspect of what you do. Either way, this quick guide to digital marketing for freelancers will help you to achieve the goals that you have.

What is freelance digital marketing?

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me what it is I actually do, well, I’d be pretty rich by now. In short, working as a freelance digital marketer will mean that you help companies to promote their products and what they do, but all in the online space. Your job will be to reach out to the target audience of your client, and to help them to visit your client’s website. Helping them to then become paying customers is all part of it, whether that is using SEO, PPC, or a combination of both. You can read more about those specific terms online, but basically, you can use a number of approaches or tactics, in order to help your client’s website to be busier, and the sales to increase.

There are a number of aspects to digital marketing, from SEO, social media, content marketing, and search engine marketing (where PPC comes into it). You may have expertise in these areas already. If not, then doing plenty of research on strategies is going to be the best approach to get you started.

Pros and cons of freelance digital marketing

If you want to go into digital marketing, then you need to know the pros and cons of working in this way. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You are your own boss
  • You can choose and set your own working hours
  • You can work from anywhere in the world, whether it be in a coffee shop, at home, or by a hotel bar
  • It is a role with a lot of variety, as client needs will be different, so it is a job that you won’t get bored with
  • You will set your prices as to what you charge. So you can make as much as you want to, providing the clients are there (and you have the experience!)

What are some of the more negative aspects of working as a freelance digital marketer?

  • In this digital day and age that we live in, there are a number of people doing the same thing. So there can be some stiff competition against other freelancers, and with larger digital marketing firms
  • Although you can charge any rate, you don’t have a regular income. Some months can be much quieter than others, which can make it hard to budget and plan
  • If you want to improve, train, and go on courses, then that is something that you will need to pay for as there is no employer backing you

While there are a lot of freelance marketers out there, it’s not all that easy to be able to stand out in a crowded space. That being said, as long as you have something that you can bring to the table, and you’re eager to learn and work hard, there is nothing stopping you from succeeding. 


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