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best TV shows of the 2000s to watch now

Looking for the best 2000’s TV series to re-watch? So, it looks like we’re in lockdown for a liiiiitle while longer, who knows when this will be over, so with that in mind I thought I’d share the best TV series from the noughties (ie the golden era of TV) to re-watch during this crazy time. Side note: I was totally inspired by Sophie’s amazing list of 2000s films – omg need to watch some of those soon! She’s All That was a personal favourite of mine. There’s something about a sense of nostalgia that fills me with a little joy, yearning for those simple days before a global pandemic (and climate change but let’s not go there right now). Man I miss Ryan and Marissa’s relationship being the biggest drama of my life.

P.s Yes, I know Buffy technically started in the 90s but it aired until 2003 so don’t come for me.

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

Drop me a comment letting me know your favourite TV show and any you might think I’d enjoy based off of this list!

Best 2000's Series to watch now

Prison Break

I remember when I first watched Prison Break series 1, around 10 years after everyone else, I was absolutely hooked. I ended up watching it until 3am because I couldn’t bare to turn it over. The first season is perfection, the second series is pretty good and then it all went a little weird but still worth another watch, if only for Wentworth Miller.

Desperate Housewives

I saw someone tweet about Desperate Housewives the other day, and it almost instantly catapulted me back to 2006. Oh to be living carefree watching the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and totally feeling I can relate despite being 14 years old. Gabrielle was always my fave, and remember when Jesse Metcalfe was a crush? Good times.

The OC

I’m throwing it right back to 2003 with this one, this show ruled my life in my early teens and set the bar a little too highly in terms of what I thought life as an 16 year old might look like. Shame I never got round to booking that trip to Tijuana. I really feel the OC defined the 2000s, we experienced it all from alcoholic mums to high school love affairs, overdoses, house parties and of course, a cameo from Paris Hilton. Ugh I love it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When I was in junior school, I freakin loved Buffy, so much so I had a super trendy yet chic purple velvet Buffy backpack WITH a keying. It was the heigh of fashion and I just knew my classmates were v jealous. Watching it back, it seems so low budget, ridiculous and cringe but I still love it. I can also report I still fancy Spike. Just me?

One Tree Hill

I’ve always been a OTH fan, but it did feel like a poor mans OC in some respects. A slightly less glamorous, heartier version I’d say. That being said, still a great watch and features the 00s king, Chad Michael Murray. I’m currently halfway through season 1 (which is on Amazon) and I’m loving re-living the Nathan/Lucas dramz all over again.

Sons of Anarchy

It started in 2008 so I’m gonna let it slide into this list, and also, Charlie Hunnam. If this series doesn’t leave you wanting to join a biker gang in America then I don’t know what will. I’m pretty sure it’s still on Netflix and there’s a good seven seasons to get stuck into. I wasn’t entirely sure I would really get into SoA but after a few episodes I was throughly hooked into the mayhem that is being part of a motorcycle gang.

I would also add Friends to this┬álist, but in all honesty I haven’t STOPPED watching it since it ended. Other notable but not quite worthy of the official list – 24 and Dexter, mostly because both started good but sort of veered off into the abyss.

What was your best 2000’s TV series?


  • April 25, 2020

    “One tree Hill “I love this show so much and it’s hard to believe how fast the main female characters have grown throughout the show but I hate that lucas and peyton left because they were my second favorite couple but my favorite couple is nathen snd naley also know as naley and I love quinn and clay

  • July 3, 2020

    I’ve been rewatching One Tree Hill too and I am OBSESSED again. Although I’ve just got to Series 7 when Peyton and Lucas left and I’m devastated, AGAIN. I never watched the OC so maybe I should watch that next.

    Kathleen /


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