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Axel Guldsmeden Copenhagen Hotel Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be no stranger to the fact that I am a huge fan of Copenhagen. It’s one of my favourite cities, and one I find myself returning to year after year. The fashion, lifestyle and general culture of the city has me craving to go back every time I leave. I’ve stayed in three hotels so far in the city, each providing a completely different experience. My stay at Axel Guldsmeden hotel Copenhagen, has been my favourite yet, and the only one I felt worthy of a glowing review.

Despite there being three in the city, the Guldsmeden hotels had completely slipped my radar. By chance, I stumbled across the Axel Guldsmeden hotel, and they were offering 25% off stays so I snapped up the discount and booked three nights.

The Guldsmeden hotels have a big focus on sustainability, which is something I am also very passionate about. After scouring photos online, I had high hopes for the hotel.

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel Review Copenhagen

The Location

For me, the downtown location of Axel Guldsmeden was simply perfect! Just a few minutes walk away from Tivoli and the Grand Central Station, you’re close enough to all of the action but the location has a quieter vibe and a few gems in the way of restaurants and bars. Keep walking in the opposite direction to the hustle and bustle and you’ll come across the meatpacking district. As far as hotel location goes in Copenhagen, this is a winner.

The Style

When heading on a longer trip, or a roadie, I’m not fussed on the style and sophistication of a hotel. Believe me, I’ve stayed in some awful motels and hotels that to be honest, I would quite like removed from my memory haha. When it comes to a city break, I do like to find a hotel that will provide a little luxury. I couldn’t have loved Axel Guldsmeden more! The boho style of the hotel is completely my taste (and a huge inspiration for my own home interior) and very much Balinese inspired. Whilst the style is rustic, and worlds apart from typical Scandi minimalism, it isn’t over the top. The hotel is actually house in two separate buildings with a fabulous courtyard linking the two. The courtyard area would be amazing in summer (I stayed in November, boo!) with plenty of cosy seating areas and space to relax among the greenery.

The Room

Rooms generally feature a four-poster bed, parquet flooring and a neutral colour scheme with the exception of a beautiful Persian style rug. The bathrooms are eco inspired with stone sinks, bamboo towel ladders and a selection of I Love Eco products including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and even a bamboo toothbrush. They also supply you with a reusable water bottle to take around the city, which I thought was a nice touch. We opted for a standard room and felt we had enough space, and there was also a built in couch/seating area which was handy for storing our shopping bags.

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel Review Copenhagen

The Facilities 

I think the facilities at Axel Guldsmeden are some of the best in the city, I mean, not many of Copenhagen’s hotels are also home to their very own eco-spa! The cosy candlelight spa boasts a steam bath, hot tub, sauna, cold tub and homemade spa products. There’s also a small gym if you want to keep your exercise regime up, not something that interests me so no comment here…

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel Review Copenhagen

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel Review Copenhagen

The Food & Drink

Food and drink isn’t something that generally bothers me when booking hotels, as I prefer to head out and about for this, I also find the price of hotel breakfasts extortionate so avoid those too. The location of our room meant we did have to walk through the breakfast area to get out onto the street so I did have a good few glances at what was on offer. Pretty much everything is organic, and you’ll find typical options such as fruit, breads, cereals and so on. There is also a street-level restaurant/bar, Cafe du Nord, which on most nights we retreated to after dinner for a nightcap. Delicious cocktails, but I can’t comment on the food.

The Price

As mentioned, I managed to get a great deal on our stay due to a 30% off code I got my paws on. We paid ¬£300 for three nights. Generally though, rooms start at around the ¬£150-180 mark. I think for the price, it’s great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate in booking Axel Guldsmeden Copenhagen again for future stays.

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