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Hello lovely people! I’m back with a mouthwateringly delicious post today, in the form of vegan afternoon tea. A few weeks back now, a lovely email from the even lovelier Katy dropped into my inbox to let me know all about the new vegan afternoon tea offering at the Sanderson. It was bizarre timing as literally just a week or so before I had been searching for plant-based afternoon tea options in London so it was as if by fate…

I’d heard about the Mad Hatters Tea Party before, having seen it on Instagram and on other blogs. Unfortunately a lot of the time, they are loaded with dairy products and chocolate so I don’t tend to indulge in these that often which is why I was so excited to hear that the Sanderson has introduced a vegan option to their infamous tea. It makes sense really, I read today that the number of vegans has increased by 700% in 2 years which is staggering and a statistic not to be ignored.

The Sanderson is a beautiful 5 Star Hotel situated in central London, just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. The Afternoon Tea is served outside in a heated courtyard, or if it’s a particularly cold day you can enjoy inside the restaurant area. Let’s fall down the rabbit hole…

sanderson vegan afternoon tea alice in wonderland
vegan afternoon tea london
vegan afternoon tea in london 2

It’s certainly a popular destination for afternoon tea, all the tables were taken and the courtyard was full of people taking snaps for their social media. I mean how couldn’t you? Just look how cute it is!

A lot of thought and effort has gone into the display of this afternoon tea experience, from the design of the plates right down to the miniature size glass ‘potion’ bottles. We were treated to scrumptious avocado sandwiches, mini rolls with peppers and tomato, Tweedle Dee cupcakes, Mad March hare dip dab lollipops, Queen of Hearts cookies and warm scones. Dairy free chocolate and coconut cream has been used to create an array of delicious treats and I just loved the little muffins!

You’re also given the choice of multiple Alice themed teas to select from, I wasn’t 100% sure if the teas that contained chocolate were vegan, so to be on the safe side I opted for a fruit tea. It might be worth double checking this if you do visit!

vegan afternoon tea in london
vegan afternoon tea in london sanderson hotel
london afternoon tea vegan

The tea costs £48 for two which isn’t too bad at all for London prices and of course the fabulous location and ambience. It’s definitely a worthwhile treat and the perfect destination to catch up with your fellow plant-based pals.

Find out more about the Sanderson vegan afternoon tea here.

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