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Summer is upon us and with that I’ve felt a new burst of motivation and generally just excitement for the upcoming months. I’ve always stood by the fact that I’m a winter gal through and through, but you know what? I’m officially breaking up with winter. We are OVER.

Probably because this winter has lasted approx 7 years, but I feel so ready for warmer temperatures, adventures and plenty of lols along the way.

The new season kicked off with a trip to Lisbon last week which left me feeling totally inspired, and ready for the change in season. Not only this, but finally breaking out of knitwear and rocking some new spring/summer pieces made me feel great. The lovely gals over at IKRUSH also kindly sent over some pieces for me to style including the fab polka dot short, could I BE anymore obsessed with polka dots?!

So I’ve decided I really want to make the most of my summer, and here’s how:

Side note: my red lipstick appears to look very much hot pink in these pics and yeah, interesting.

ikrush 1
ikrush 7

Polka Dot Shirt / Studded Bag / Sock Trainers  all IKRUSH*

1. Saying Yes More

I can be a bit of a flake. Ok, that’s not entirely true as if a friend needs me I’m THERE but I am guilty of being that person that exclaims ‘oh we must catch up some time’ then never arranges to do so. I’m guilty of sacking off social plans to chill with Netflix after an exhausting week but it’s a habit I’m trying to shake and instead making an effort to say yes and see my friends more often. I had great fun this month with my friend Hannah at a record store quiz night, a few too many vodkas (and a jagerbomb of regret) with my pal Effie, and just being out more. Now that’s not to say I’m reverting back to my 19 year old self but I am going to try and push myself out of my current comfort zone more over summer.

2. Make Time For Me

Sometimes I feel like I’m on a never-ending hamster wheel, my weeks are jam packed, my weeknights are spent either working some more of seeing friends/Charlie and the weekend comes and yep, more work! I’m super grateful for all the work that comes my way and I’m working on some really exciting projects but it has left me feeling a little tired. I spoke about the importance of self care and it still stands. Alongside doing more, I also want to ensure that once a week I take an afternoon or evening out to zone out of social media, and just clear my mind. I always find a relaxing bath helps, followed by listening to some music. Usually Charlie Puth.

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3. Travel As Much As Possible

It’s a cliche but yep, I’m hoping to travel as much as possible this summer. Lisbon was incredible, and I couldn’t have asked for a better 4 days but its got me raring for more. My travels will be a little limited as I’m also trying to y’know renovate an entire house but hopefully I can squeeze some in. Paris is next on the cards, and then I’m hoping to head to the Cotswolds for a weekend as well as a summer beach break in July, and then who knows! Travel is without a doubt my favourite way to spend time and money, I just need to try and budget sensibly what with the house.

4. Create An (Almost) Liveable Home

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my renovation diary on my stories (I’ve put it all together in one highlight). We bought a victorian terraced house which we’re in the process of transforming into *hopefully* a wonderful home. We’ve got a long way to go but I’m hoping by the end of summer we’ll have a few of the major issues fixed, the house re-wired and re-plastered ready to think about designing our bathroom and kitchen. It’s very fun albeit a little stressful at times! I’m looking forward to having a place to call ours, but at the same time it’s not to say in a year or two we won’t finally renovate a campervan and say au revoir for a year of travelling (the dream). Who knows, we can always rent the house out but we shall see. 

5. Wearing What I Want

Being a blogger,  most people assume I’m quite confident and dare I say, vain? It couldn’t be further from the truth and I’m actually quite conscious of myself. I’m very self critical and won’t wear something that I think makes me look fat or doesn’t 100% flatter me which quite often means I don’t buy the clothes I love because I think they’ll look rubbish on me. There’s no easy way to explain it, but this summer I’m trying to teach my mind to not be so hard on, well, me. I wore yellow for the first time in Lisbon, and bought a pair of jeans I love but pretty sure they’re far too friendly with my thighs but whatcha gonna do? Wearing it anyway is what I’m doing. 

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So there we have it, hopefully a summer of feeling carefree and content. Do you have any plans or goals this summer? 

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