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*This post is in collaboration with Super Facialist

Today is all about skincare, something that has recently become much more of a focus in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always invested money into my skincare I’ve just never thought too much into it. I would buy a product because it takes my fancy, or perhaps even the packaging was good, rather than actually thinking about my skin type and what solutions will work for me.

My complexion definitely took a hit over the winter, the harsh winds and freezing temperatures we’ve suffered over the past few months left my skin looking extremely dull and very dry. I would say dryness is my main skin complaint. I was slathering myself in moisturiser before bed-time but it just didn’t seem to be enough to combat the problem areas. With this in mind, I decided to up my skincare routine and find products that work for me and target those issues. 

It was as if my prayers were answered when an email landed in my inbox from the Super Facialist team a little earlier this year, asking whether I’d like to collaborate and find the perfect skincare combination for my skin.

With the guidance from the website, you can find the perfect products to suit your needs. Try their skincare diagnostic tool here to discover the perfect products for your skin! The Rose and Vitamin C collections answered my problems and I was kindly gifted a range of these products to try over the past couple of months. 

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Roseoffers a complete selection of cleansing and hydrating products to hydrate and nurture the skin in need of moisture and gentle care.

Vitamin Cis an effective brightening range that promotes healthier skin radiance and glow.

SuperFacialist are a cruelty free brand – I only ever use cruelty free products that are free from animal testing.

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I tested out two different cleaners, one from each range to see which better suited my skin. The Vitamin C Cleanser is a lightweight oil which gently dissolves makeup, even my toughest mascara! The Rose Cleanser is a creamier solution which helps to soothe and restore skin whilst getting rid of stubborn makeup at the same time. I actually love both of these products, and now follow a double cleansing routine twice a day (sometimes once – it depends on what kind of day I’ve had).

I start with the oil to get the most part of my makeup off (it’s great at removing eye makeup too) by rinsing my face with warm water and massaging the oil into my face. Following on from this I then use the Rose cleanser to ensure my pores are fully cleansed and hydrated. I won’t lie, as a lazy girl who used to use face wipes it is a bit of a faff but I have to say my skin is SO much better for it. Less congested, fewer breakouts and generally softer. 

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The first step to my morning skincare is the Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum, I use this every day and apply before I use any moisturisers. It’s designed to deeply replenish and boost collagen synthesis to even the appearance of your skin. After just a week or so of use I noticed a visible difference to my skint and a subtle yet healthy glow. It gives my dull skin some much needed life, and feels as good as it does during summer. It also smells great and feels really lovely on application.

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After applying the serum, I moisturise my skin using the Rose Radiance Day Cream, I’ve been using this particular moisturiser as it also contains an SPF which is super important to ensure your skin is protected from harmful rays. I massage this into my face every morning, and it’s been particularly great at getting rid of the dry patches I developed around my eyes. Even some of the ‘sensitive’ moisturisers I’d previously tried caused irritation and stinging to these gentle areas but this particular formula seems to work really well for me. 

In the evening I follow my cleansing routine to ensure all of my makeup from the day has been effectively removed. I then use the Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream to work on nourishing, rejuvenating and protecting my skin whilst I sleep. This formula is thick and creamy but feels surprisingly lightweight when massaged in. There’s a beautiful rose scent which isn’t too strong or synthetic. 

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I’ve been using this particular routine for around 6/7 weeks now and overall I couldn’t be happier with how my skin is feeling. It feels softer, more hydrated and generally just more ‘alive’. I’d definitely encourage you to check out their website to browse the other ranges, and find out what selection of products will work best for your skin.

The SuperFacialist range is available in-store or online at Boots.

Discover how to #BeYourOwnSuperFacialist here!

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