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Hello and happy October! We are now in my second favourite month of the year (first being December duh) and I can’t wait for autumn to get on a roll, I have a good feeling about the next few months. I always find I have a reawakening in the autumn time, and I can’t wait for the trips we have planned alongside the little things that make me happy even if it’s just an afternoon on the sofa snuggled up watching Harry Potter. Can you really get much better than that?

That being said I always tend to start planning a few end of year travels around this time, as well as thinking ahead as to how I will spend my precious annual leave for next year. It also got me thinking about the cities I would love to return to. I’ve found over recent years that I’m definitely more of a city breaker than a beach holidayer. I get seriously bored of sun lounging and I know that I should learn to relax a little better but I find city breaks much more exciting! It’s also a lot easier to plan multiple city breaks and use my time off more effectively than 10 days at just one resort. 

I’ve rounded up my all time favourite cities so far, hopefully we can visit one or two next year as I’m dying to head back to these beautiful locations…


My desire to head back to Copenhagen isn’t because I desperately fell in love with the city it’s because I actually had little time to explore and uncover the city on my first visit. I went to Copenhagen on a blogger press trip back in 2013 (wow that’s a long time ago!) and I’ve been itching to head back with Charlie ever since as from what I saw it’s a pretty amazing place but as I was there for ‘work’ we didn’t get much time to mooch around and with our free time we headed straight to Sephora. Typical bloggers huh? I’m almost certain Copenhagen will be on our list of definites for next year! 


Madrid was my first Spanish city break and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect but we had an absolute blast! We went in May and it was actually still quite chilly, definitely not shorts weather but I think when it’s too hot that can limit your time as you spend half of it desperately searching for a bottle of water or shade. We enjoyed stuffing our faces with olives at the fabulous food markets, getting lost in El Retiro park, strolling around the Palacio Real, experiencing authentic Spanish dancing and people watching at the Plaza Mayor. It really was the perfect city break!

San Diego

Heading a little further afield, buuut still a city so it’s made the list, San Diego! We stopped at many locations on our American road trip but none grabbed me quite like San Diego did. It’s one of those places I could see myself living in, not that I’m about to move to America anytime soon but if I did it would be to San Diego. There is such a relaxed vibe and it really does have it all from spectacular beaches to amazing surf, delicious vegan food and plenty of green open spaces. The Gaslamp quarter has tonnes of buzzing bars and restaurant options, it’s a great city for young people and I’m dying to go back.


I don’t know how it took me 24 years to visit Edinburgh but boy am I glad I did! Charlie and I spent a long weekend there back at the start of the year and it really is such an enchanting city. Not just because of the insane vegan food but the architecture, the streets that look like they could turn into Diagon Alley with one swoop of a wand and the two contrasting halves of the city. The old town is full of traditional style pubs along The Royal Mile and feels very medieval whereas the new town is Georgian style townhouses and shops including The White Company and Whistles on George Street. If you happen to visit, be sure to head to the Auld Hoose for their incredible vegan nachos, I BET YOU that you can’t finish them. 

Los Angeles

Swiftly jumping back to the other side of the pond we have Los Angeles. LA is a strange place, I had almost prepared myself to hate it from hearing about others experiences but I actually left the city after 5 nights with a burning desire to return. It has a hold on you and I don’t know if it’s the California sunshine, the overpriced brunch spots or rooftop bars but it has a special something. If I were to go back again I probably wouldn’t stay in West Hollywood again and instead had to Santa Monica. My only niggle with LA is that it’s so bloody huge you can’t walk around and spend a lot of time driving from A to B instead but that’s just how it is out there. Another reason to return: Veggie Grill. 

Have you been to any of these cities before? Where are dying to head back to? I’d love to hear! 

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