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Hello, it’s been a little while! I received an invitation to join Ogilvy PR on a trip to Copenhagen for the launch of a new concept by Trollbeads. I was in one of those moods where I felt like I needed to start being more of a ‘yes man’ so I thought, why not! I met Sarah for lunch at The Diner on Monday, we then headed to catch our flight at Gatwick. Amy was also on our flight and we landed at about 8.30. The flight was actually pretty good, it only took 90 minutes and went by quite fast. We got to our hotel at about 9 or so, we joined Becca, Amy and Lucy for a cocktail and then myself and Sarah headed out for a stroll and some pizza!


Wearing: Asos Mom jeans, Zoe Karssen Jumper, Asos Coat all c/o ASOS and River Island Shoes

I was just going to post one big post but I had more photos than I thought so I’m going to break it down
into two. In the morning we all met for breakfast at the hotel and I had an authentic danish pastry (or two). We wanted to make the most of our time there so a few of us, including Sheree and Remi who had landed later than us headed out for a mooch, what I saw of Copenhagen is absolutely stunning. It has such a fresh, clean feel and I could have gazed at the rows of multicoloured houses all day. Even the water is crystal clear, we spotted a few jellyfish in there too. Being typical bloggers we ran into Sephora as soon as we spotted it and I grabbed a couple of their sun disks. It’s so annoying there isn’t one here in the UK!

After our stroll we met back at the hotel and headed to trollbeads HQ for the event. I’ll be posting about this in my next post so stay tuned!

Tilly xo

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