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New Look Skirt / Zara Tee (old) / Abbott Lyon Boots (old) / Stella McCartney Bag 

I recently proclaimed my love of Autumn here, but I thought why not dedicate a whole post as to why Autumn is and always will be my favourite season. PERIOD. Whilst everyone else is mourning the loss of light evenings, bbq’s and beach trips I’m sitting here rubbing my hands together in glee *muhahaha*. I actually am that pumpkin man gif in real lie.

Yes, us bloggers do tend to glamourise A/W a little with our pumpkin lattes, chunky knit scares and feet in the fallen leaves pics BUT hey it’s for good reason because I’m telling you now, this is best time of the year and here’s why:

No Staying In Guilt

When it’s 28 degrees outside and you’re sitting on the sofa binge watching a series on Netflix it doesn’t quite have the magic as if it was 2 degrees and dangerous to leave the comfort of your home. I always feel guilty for doing nothing when the weather is good and there’s only a certain amount of walks, pottering and mooching around the garden you can do. I want to watch this whole 15 episode series in two days and not feel guilty about it OK. Cold weather = must stay inside and hibernate with snacks.

Good TV Returns

HELLO STRANGER THINGS 2. Autumn always seems to bring with it the best TV shows and Strictly Come Dancing is my guilty pleasure and you know what that starts it’s officially the start of winter.


Autumn Fashion Is The Best

Layers, knitwear, coats, boots, hats, scarves oh my goodness I can feel myself getting into debt as I type. Summer fashion has never thrilled me. I find it quite boring and the weather is so unpredictable here in the UK that I never want to invest too much into it. My ASOS saved is already getting a bit out of hand so I can see my wardrobe doing well over the next few weeks. Welcome back teddy coats, I’ve missed your snuggliness and warmth. 

Pumpkins Make A Comeback 

There’s something about the humble pumpkin that makes me happy. I love seeing them in the stores, and I usually buy a few plus a couple of smaller ones (I think they’re called munchkins, how cute?) to decorate the house with. I don’t eat them as I actually really dislike the taste, I just admire their pumpkiness and usually try and fail hard at carving them. Seriously, you should have seen my attempt last year.

Carbs Are Necessary 

You need a few extra layers in winter and all that. Give me all the chilli’s, stews and carby goodness and I’m a happy girl! I’ve recently bought a few new cookbooks so I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes this autumn. I’ve also just ordered Lucy Watson’s vegan cookbook too which I’ve heard great things about.

Are you excited for the new season as much as I am?

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