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Hello Autumn! Today is slightly different but I wanted to share a few more ‘thought’ posts on this blog sprinkled in between the travel posts. Now I don’t mean any thoughts that are going to have you questioning the meaning of life, although I have plenty of those but maybe for another day haha. Instead, just a few more personal posts that are perhaps an insight into my day-to-day life, what I’m up to, what’s going on and future plans. So with that in mind, I thought we could have a little chat about the remainder of 2017. 


No seriously. Just pause time please. It’s true what they say, the older you get the quicker time just seems to fly by. I’ve felt very aware of this lately, which is why this year I’ve tried to cram in as many trips and days out as possible without the year escaping us. Our first trip of the year was a weekend in Paris, followed by a couple of days in Liverpool, a birthday trip to London, a month spent travelling California, a drive up to the Lake District, a girls weekend in Cornwall and now we’ve reached September and it’s time to say goodbye to summer and welcome Autumn plans.

I’m not sad to see the back of summer, whilst it has been one of my most exciting yet I am welcoming the change in season with open arms. September still has that ~new school term feel for me and I always find I have a new burst of energy and need to book a few flights. 

So how am I going to be spending the next 4 months? The final third of the year…not scary at all….

An October Weekend Away

I’ve provisionally booked off a few days in October for Charlie and I to book a city break. Charlie has been super busy with work at the moment (he runs his own company so time off can sometimes be tricky) which means we had to push back plans originally made for September. I’m favouring Budapest at the moment, but Charlie’s keen to spend a few days in Wales so we’ll see. I’ll update you once we have it officially booked up. 

HomeSense Trips

I love Homesense all year round, just take a look at my debit card statement and you’ll soon find that out but it’s EVEN better in the winter time. I just love when all of the Halloween and Christmas homeware, gifts and god knows what else starts creeping into store. I’m looking forward to picking up a few autumnal candles, and I’ve been eyeing up their wreaths too. No doubt I’ll also come home with numerous pumpkin themed decorations that I absolutely do not need.

Focussing on My Blog

I want to give my blog a bit of a shake up. I feel like I have somewhat been doing this with my transition from purely fashion to a greater focus on travel. I’ve been loving writing up my travel posts as they’re my absolute favourite but I do want to start incorporating more personal posts into this blog that are more chatty and life snippets rather than just the big events or holidays. Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on this. I think now is also a great time to change it up as I’m always so much more inspired in autumn and winter than I am summer. Weird isn’t it?

London Days Out

I live 40 minutes from central London yet I rarely head into the big city these days. I used to be there on the regular back when I interned but now I rarely visit and I miss it! I just bought a new railcard (final ever year of being a ‘young person’ and yes it hit me hard) so I want to make good use out of it. I think it costs about 15 pounds for an all day travel card which is really quite good, so we’ve pencilled in a few days to check out some new vegan restaurants, wander around the museums and have a mooch. Don’t you just love mooching…

Cosy Nights In

I love winter nights snuggled up in blankets, candles flickering and a scary movie on the TV. It’s my perfect set up and I can’t wait for these dark, cold nights to set in. This is definitely the opposite of what most people seem to love and whilst they’re moaning about it getting dark at 8pm I have a rather smug look across my face. Maybe I’m a secret vampire.

A Birthday Surprise

It’s Charlie’s birthday in December and I’ve booked up something really exciting which I have to keep schtum for now in case he’s having a read of this but I’m sure I’ll let the cat out of the bag soon as we’re absolutely rubbish at keeping secrets from one another. I’m really looking forward to it so watch this space…

Making More Travel Plans

I can’t help but plan ahead, so whilst this year is far from over yet, I have already started thinking about my travel plans for 2018. We’re deciding on what our big trip will be next year, Charlie wants to go back to Cali for a couple of weeks and whilst I would love it I’m also considering Canada or maybe even a Euro road trip. For now it’s plenty of research and trying to strategically plan my time off to make the most of it! This year I took a month off to spend in America but I highly doubt I’ll be taking that length of time off in one go again next year so it will mean more city breaks and long weekends which is just as fun.

I can’t find for the final few months of 2017, and although I’m still completely bewildered as to how the year is already two thirds of the way through there is plenty to look forward to and I hope I can make the most of it!

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