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Bonjour and welcome to part two of my Paris series, you can have a little peep at part one here if you haven’t yet had a read!

Although we were only in the city for two nights, it was just the right amount of time to visit all of the popular tourist attractions, as well as taking a walk down a few off-the-beaten-track paths (usually by mistake and Google maps confusion). I won’t lie though, I could easily have spent a whole exploring what Paris has to offer, but at least there’s plenty of excuses to make a return visit.

Our final day saw us visiting the Palais Royale (yes the monochrome plinths HAD to be done, what a blogger cliche), the Eiffel Tower in daylight, Hank Pizza and a wander around some of the most beautiful streets stopping for many a drink along the way.

me and charlie paris
charlie paris gardens

We had spent the previous night in awe of the Eiffel Tower all lit up looking beauuuut, we also found out that if you visit on the hour it sparkles and looks SO amazing! A happy accident, and I’m so glad we decided to make the journey across the city to view it. Having said that, I still wanted to get another look at this iconic monument in the daytime so we made it our first port of call after a very carb-heavy breakfast. Could you believe I found vegan blueberry muffins? Heaven!

If you want to get the best pictures of you and the Eiffel Tower (think of the gram) then make sure you get off at Trocadero station and take a left, it offers the best location for a few selfies.

Paris Blog Post Part 2
paris flowers

The hoards of beautiful flowers on almost every street had me dreaming of living like a Parisian. Fetching a fresh bunch of fleurs, a baguette and cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. I don’t even drink coffee but in my head it’s an idyllic scenario.

palais royale 3

palais royale 2
palais royale 4
Palais Royale 1

How many photos of the stripy monochrome plinths is too many…? All of the posing took it out of me, so after spending a good 30 minutes directing Charlie my poor photographer slash boyfriend, we headed off to find food. Not just any food, the best damn vegan pizza I’ve EVER eaten. A bold, yet worthy statement.

hank pizza paris
hank pizza paris 2

Fellow vegans, I urge you to make a visit if you’re ever in Paris! The pizza was so tasty and the chocolate dessert I had was enough to make me want to book the Eurostar right now. It was also the cheapest eatery we visited whilst in Paris, as everywhere else was very expensive in comparison! For 16 euros you could grab two pieces of pizza, a side salad, dessert and drink – not bad at all!

happy paris pic

The face of a gal in Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed my two parter on the city of love, and if you want to come on a lil tour of our trip then be sure to catch a look at my first ever vlog!

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