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Hello to the world of YouTube!

I finally bit the bullet and created my own YouTube channel. This is something that has been on my agenda since, hmm, let me think – around 2013! I even filmed a haul back then but I was too nervous to share it and that’s about as far as I got. It has always been in the back of my mind but there was always an excuse. No time, not sure how to do it, not having the equipment, will everyone hate me, and so on…

Having got much more into YouTube recently it felt like the right time to give it a go myself. I especially wanted to get to grips with vlogging and creating videos before our big US road trip this summer as that will definitely be a fun adventure to document!

So I have no strict plans as to when or what I’ll be uploading but it will definitely be a mix of travel, lifestyle, vegan and fashion related content. I actually had the best time filming with Charlie when we were in Paris and it’s nice to have the footage to keep as a memory.

So here we have it, my first YouTube video! I’d be ever so grateful if you’d give it a watch and maybe even subscribe as to keep up to date with my next instalment. Be sure to leave a link to your channel in my comments either on here or YouTube and I’ll return the favour.

Here’s to new beginnings…..

Oh and a BIG thank you to Sophie who has been super lovely in answering all of my beginner questions haha – check out her channel here

p.s hope I’m not too annoying 😉

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