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Oh hey! Sorry things were a little quiet around here last week, I was a little in over my head with work work work. As you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram, I spent a few days in Paris last week and despite the downpours and bitter chill in the air, had the BEST time. Is it possible to be moody in Paris? Never! Now we took a lot and I mean A LOT of pics in Paris so expect to be inundated over here. How could I help it when every street corner was so photogenic? 

Alongside a few blog photos you may see my YouTube debut soon as Charlie and I also got to grips with vlogging. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it but we actually really enjoyed it and it will be great to have the footage for future memories and all that. ANYWAY back to blogging.

The Arc De Triomphe

Paris streets

We spent a lot of time wandering the streets without a plan in place, which is rather unlike me. I’m usually a militant (and probably fairly annoying) traveller. I’ll have a list of restaurants, sights & destinations alongside a strict itinerary. This time was different. The lead up to Paris had me fairly exhausted from work and freelancing so much so that I had barely planned. Quelle horreur! I felt a little nervous at my lack of organisation but it was totally refreshing just playing the weekend by ear and floating from here to there.

No lists and no pre-8am wakeup call, just lie-ins, late breakfasts and plenty of exploring. Of course, I did a fair amount of Googling along the way to seek out vegan friendly eateries but other than that we  would hop on a metro and simply discover somewhere new. On that note, the metro was surprisingly easy to navigate and so much cheaper than jumping in cabs everywhere. I think it worked out at about 3.80 euros between us per trip so not bad, not bad at all!

Paris Signs The Louvre Outfit
Louvre Selfie

Of course we had to tick off the typical tourist destinations, including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately there was a 3 1/2 hour wait to enter the Louvre! I think security must have been extra tight due to a terrorist incident which occurred the morning of our arrival. As our hours were limited in the city we decided not to wait, but we did have a walk around and appreciated the glass pyramids, oh and took 1560 selfies of course.

the louvre paris statue
Paris streets 2

I could have spent days just wandering all of the Parisian streets, the vibes were so chilled and I just love the sheer amount of bistros and bars on every corner. Although I will say that we both spent SO much money, even stopping off for a couple of drinks would leave us at least 30 euros down but Paris is an expensive city so it was to be expected!

One thing I noticed was that their culture seems to be so much more social than us here in the UK. Everywhere we turned there were groups of friends and families enjoying a few drinks, even in the damp weather where we would  probably pass on social opportunities in favour of Netflix! It did inspire me to spend less time in my house and more time socialising but you know, we’ll see if that happens because right now I have three episodes of Homeland I’m dying to catch up on.

Paris Flowers
charlie in paris


Our first couple of days in Paris were truly magical, albeit a little wet! We’re just unlucky like that and we now have a running joke that wherever Charlie goes the rain will follow. As we took a tonne of pics I will share the rest with you in a second post – including the Eiffel Tower and Palais Royale, yes the home of the good old monochrome plinths aka the blogger DREAM.

Stayed tuned for part two!

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