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Zara Top (similar) / H&M Trousers (similar) / Phillip Lim Pashli Bag / Original Vans via Size* 

I haven’t worn a pair of Vans since I was in year 8 and thought Paul Frank t shirts constituted as fashion, but I’ve got to admit I’m loving them all over again. A truly classic style in the perfect monochrome colour way. This Zara top has definitely had its cost per wear, I’m not bored of off-the-shoulder tops *yet* and this style is one of my faaaaves although it’s probably floating around in the depths of the Zara sale now. I popped in there today and it was far too chaotic and messy for my liking.

I’ve been on a holiday shopping mission this week, after finding it near-on IMPOSSIBLE to find beachwear that ticks all of my boxes. It all tends to be super colourful or overly embellished, and after trawling 28343 websites I finally found a few pieces which I can’t wait to take away with me. A holiday is SO needed right now. It’s been about six weeks since my latest trip which doesn’t seem a lot but I get itchy feet pretty quickly. Oh how I wish I could pack a bag and head off to America on a one way ticket! Maybe someday. 

I’ve tried to make it my mission this year to go away every other month, even if it’s just a weekend break. So far, so good! I’ve ticked off York, Berlin and Madrid so far, and I’ll be heading off to Sicily very soon. Once you start hitting your mid twenties life seems to just disappear before your eyes, which is why I think I’m making more effort to plan trips and weekends away. I want to fill my years with as many fun memories as possible. Now to book my September trip! Any ideas?

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