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Wow, I can’t believe it’s fast approaching one year since my Graduation Day. 

University feels like only yesterday, but at the same time almost as if it were a previous life. I was apprehensive about waving goodbye to my student days, having spent 23 years (well you know minus toddler life) living the student lifestyle. Although I’d experienced full-time work during my fashion interning stints, I was a little scared about giving up my freedom, but hey that’s adult life! So here I am, one year into working the 40 hour week. I work in marketing just in case anyone was wondering!

I suppose one of the biggest surprises to me is how quickly time goes once you enter the full-time forever rat race. The days all merge into one and before you know it, half the year has gone and you ask yourself HOW?! 

It also forces you to up your organisation game, especially as a blogger too. I can’t plan a spontaneous blog shoot on a Friday morning, or spend Tuesday afternoon snapping imagery for my Instagram feed. I either have to be organised, or it simply doesn’t happen. That’s definitely been one of my biggest hurdles, and one I’m still working on. 

You also begin to value your weekends, I’m like Gollum with the ring. MY PRECIOUS. But seriously, nothing comes between me and my weekend plans. I try to organise as many weekends away as possible, or I’ll spend the day wandering around my local city of Cambridge. Charlie is almost sick to death of my ‘planning’ and whining about booking flights to Barcelona or Vegas (gotta think big) but luckily he’s into travelling too so it’s all peachy. 

So all in all, adult life, not that bad. I think what I’ve learnt the most is to keep dreaming those dreams you had as an 18 year old. Ok no, I don’t mean that time I was considering holiday repping because LOL so not me. But I still want to travel America, I still want to spontaneously hop on the Eurostar and see what happens, and I still want to see the world. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine, but remembering those plans you always wanted to make happen is important too…

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