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Warehouse Jacket via Octer* / Weekday Tee / River Island Trousers / Office Bow Slip Ons / Zara Tote / Quay Sunglasses

Oh hey! So I’m back in my usual OOTD ‘spot’ with a couple of new purchases. First of all – the shoes, the SHOES. I died and went to shoe heaven when I spied these in Office. Usually, Cambridge gets a really sh*t selection of merchandise. I never find the items I want in H&M, Zara or the rest. So when I saw these lingering around on the bottom shelf of a stand I dived in. I’ve wanted a pair of formal slip ons, AND a pair of shoes with a bow/knot so these were pretty much perfect.

Another newbie in my wardrobe is this gorgeous longline denim jacket via Octer. If you haven’t head of Octer yet then make sure you head on over and have a little look. I suppose a good way to describe them is an ‘online marketplace’ with a curated selection of some of the best bits online! It’s an easy way to compare categories, for example ‘Spring jackets’ and you can browse the best matches on the web! As if I needed *more* encouragement to shop. 

So today I don’t have much planned, I thought it might be a good idea to take a few hours out to plan some blog posts, as I haven’t really had much time recently to stop and think. I know that sounds kinda odd but you know when you’re just so busy you almost forget to breathe? If you have any ideas for new blog posts or want to see something (whether it be interning, my university experience, being a veggie – I don’t know?!) let me know!

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