So I spend a considerable amount of time researching cities I want to visit, checking out flight prices, looking into cool places to stay and just generally thinking about escaping the UK for a few days. I thought I'd put my research into time well spent and create a little blog post featuring a few of the airbnb's I am dying to stay in!

I've never actually booked accommodation via airbnb before, no particular reason other than I always tend to use Travel Republic to get my flights and hotel in one booking. You are a little restricted with hotels when it comes to getting the right location and the perfect decor. I've said it before, but the interior of a place is really quite important to me. I want it to match my personal tastes, i.e say NO to red bedding and hello to calming neutrals.

So here a few apartments that I've been eyeing up! I'll be verrrry jealous if you book one...

Apparently this gets booked up pretty quickly, and it's easy to see why! Advance booking is definitely necessary but what a gorgeous apartment! Based in the lively area of Vesterbro this Nordic styled dream is right up my street. Major future home inspo. 

2. Stockholm - Catarina's Place

Realistically, I probably won't get to visit this gem unless travelling with a group BUT it is seriously impressive. Worth rounding up a few friends for a fun weekend away. It's quite pricey, but as I said if there's a few of you going then it doesn't work out too bad. Light, airy and spacious.

3. Lisbon - Jorge's Place

I've been wanting to visit Lisbon for SO long, and hopefully I'll get round to booking a trip either towards the end of the summer or for next spring. I was quite surprised at how cheap the rates were on most of the airbnb's here - bonus!

4. Amsterdam - Nicola's Place

As if this place was't gorgeous enough, it also features a roof terrace, pretty cool! The apartment is scattered with lots of plants which I love, and it accommodates up to four people which is handy if you're heading away with another couple or with a few mates.


5. Budapest - Snezana's Place

My house in Budapest....I'll stop. So this is cute! I had a look at staying here in September and it's £49 a night! Isn't that mental?! I have definitely bumped Budapest up to the top of my city break list and this apartment is perfection.


Have you used airbnb for a city break before? Stayed in any snazzy apartments? Link me below!

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