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So a few weeks backs in my post about New Years plans I mentioned how I wanted to pick up a language or continue learning french. Coincidentally enough, Flashsticks a new start-up business from Birmingham, got in touch not long after about their language post-it notes and unique app.

So a quick backtrack, I really enjoyed french at school, it was always my favourite subject and I did particularly well in it. But having left to study business and eventually fashion marketing, it got pushed aside in favour for marketing theory and trying to get the hang of photoshop. I’ve been meaning to pick it up again, or at least make the first step, since graduating and waving farewell to uni. So I jumped at the chance to review these Flashsticks.

I have both beginner and intermediate here, as my current knowledge is probably a little more advanced than beginner but there are always basic words you forget about or realise you don’t know! I actually love the post-it note designs, they’re eye-catching and the images are a nice touch. I find I’m quite visual so it helps to stick around in my head. I actually used a similar learning technique when I revised for exams, I would have 150 post it notes stuck on my walls!

Every few days I’ve been mixing up the notes I stick on my wall, and it’s really helped to get back into the zone of learning a new language, helped to refresh my memory and teach me some new words. They’re also colour coded too, so you have blue for masculine words, pink for feminine and then verbs in green and so on.

As part of the learning process there’s also the Flashsticks app, which enables you to not only scan your Flackstick notes but also scan objects which will then translate into your chosen language for you. I’ve been testing it out and it’s very accurate, I was quite amazed, technology these days huh! You can also test yourself with various challenges on the app, it’s great for on the go, a way to make your commute more productive!

I’m definitely going to continue using my Flashsticks along with the app, and I would 100% recommend them for anybody wanting to start or pick up a new language. The post it notes start at just £4.99 and you can get 15% off with my exclusive code ‘TILLYJAYNE15’.

Au revoir!

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