IMG_0675 asos joggers 4

asos joggers 3 asos stripe joggers close

I decided that these joggers are acceptable to wear out in public as 1. Asos calls them 'peg trousers' hmm ok and 2. they're super comfy and I can't tear myself away from them. I feel slightly 90s, slightly spice girls but hey ho. I actually felt like I was swanning around Cambridge in pyjamas and a dressing gown but I'm not complaining, enjoying the loungewear vibes.

I've had a crazy busy week this week, in fact January is always a bit of a mental month for me and I hate to wish time away but I'm a bit done with it. It's always so dull and dreary, I'm actually really looking forward to spring. Due to my January blues I booked a couple of trips, Berlin with my BFF, Sicily with Charlie, and also eyeing up some crazy cheap flights to Madrid. I feel like I need to cram as much travelling and fun plans into this year as next year I'll be focussing even harder on saving for a mortgage and other boring adult plans. 

I have 1045034 things on my to-do list this weekend, I need a major tidy up and generally just get my affairs in order and being going through a mountain of emails. I hope everyone has a good one!