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Firstly, this isn’t a ‘New Years’ resolutions post because let’s face it, who really keeps those? More just a reflection of the past year and thoughts for 2016. I can’t believe I even just type 2016, where have the past eight years gone?! Anyone else feeling this?

It’s weird because 2016 will be my first proper full year as an adult, working full time and blogging of course! With that in mind I made myself a few plans. 

1. Travel More

I’ve been reading some interesting travel blogs with top tips on how to travel more even if you work full time. I’ll be making the most of weekends even if it means trips within the UK, bank holidays to take city breaks and my annual leave to go on bigger adventures. Myself and Charlie really want to visit New York in the first half of the year and we’ve also discussed another big trip later in the year. I was recently contacted regarding a ski holiday provider Iglu Ski* that find you the best cut price ski holiday deals. I’ve always thought of it as a really expensive holiday but there are some pretty amazing deals on there. Charlie has always wanted to go on a skiing holiday so it’s something we’re thinking about. 

2. Save Save Save

Kind of hard to travel and save manically, it may have to mean cutting down on my Asos ordering – gulp. I’m trying hard to put money away every month as we’re currently saving for mortgage *sarcastic yay*. Don’t you just love being a grown up? I’ll probably set myself a little plan and mini targets throughout the year. If I don’t decide to spunk my money on a new bag instead which has been known to happen…

3. Invest In Quality

I want to try and make a solid effort to buy less ‘trend led’ items and focus more on quality staple pieces that will have a much longer lifespan in my wardrobe. I’ve been trying to do this anyway but as I’m now no longer a student it’s slightly easier, plus my wardrobes are overflowing so I could probably do with cutting down on the amount I keep adding to them.

4. Up My Organisation

I’m pretty organised when it comes to certain aspects of my life such as this blog and work but there are areas that I majorly lack organisation. My food for example. I am SO bad at planning meals that I generally always just grab something on the go or end up eating cereal for dinner. I need to get way more organised, eat healthier and just generally get into a better evening/weekend routine. Perhaps I should buy myself one of these.

5. Learn A New Skill

Sounds kind of cheesy but since graduating, I’ve actually missed learning. I don’t think just because you’ve come to the natural end of your education career you should stop learning new things. I would really love to pick up French again or maybe just do something completely random and new!

Do you have any goals or plans set for the new year? 

*post in collaboration with Iglu

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