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The other week an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Corky’s team asking whether I fancied being challenged to create my own drink surrounding their new Corky’s glitter. As it’s Christmas, and as I love to create a cocktail I happily obliged!


I haven’t had Corky’s in a few years, but it brings back a lot of funny drunk memories which did amuse me thinking back. I used to drink it as a shot but those days are long gone. A cocktail is much more pleasing to my tastes now!


I came up with the Blueberry Blaster


Corky’s Blueberry Glitter*
Splash of Vodka (dependant on your ability to handle it)

Crushed Ice


Splash of lime


Sugar to coat the glass rim

Ice Cube Octopuses – Optional 


Although Corky’s is an alcoholic base I added a little bit of vodka to make it a bit stronger, you know like those deathly cocktails you get on holiday that make you feel drunk after 3 sips.

I was inspired by those slush puppies (although I think they have another name now, I’m just too retro) that you get at the cinema. To make it slightly less lethal I topped it up with lemonade, added a splash of lime and blueberries to make it healthy (pah). Oh and of course my props – ice cube Octopus and co.

Smashing up the ice was harder than initially thought through in my head. But after bashing it a few times wrapped up in a tea towel (this cocktail making is glamorous stuff) I had a slush. It did melt quite quickly though so by time I took the photos it had gone a bit more watery, how do they make slush puppies stay slushy? It must be a trick of the trade. 

What do you think? Would you give my Blueberry Blaster a try?

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