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It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaar! I make no effort to hide the fact I simply LOVE Christmas. But more like Christmas time not just the day itself, everywhere looks so magical and warms my stony cold heart. So it’s the first day of advent today hoorah! How amazing is it that Accessorize have made their own nail polish advent calendar?! It’s currently half price so head on down to try and nab one from your local branch!

So, every year me and my pal Rosie end up saying ‘I wish we had planned more Christmas activities’ and never feel like we get round to doing half the stuff we want to. This year we decided to make a little list (we love a list) of festive past times, so I thought I’d let you in on it…

1. Watch Christmas Movies

This one goes without saying, festive movies We’ve got The Grinch, Home Alone and The Santa Claus at the top of the list. Have you got any recommendations of cheesy Christmas movies? I’m counting on a Netflix Christmas category because if they’re gonna offer me ‘films with a strong female lead’ as a section then they better offer me Christmas too.

2. Go To The Garden Centre

We laughed at how much 17 year old us would be unimpressed with this plan BUT aren’t garden centre’s so underrated? They have the best Christmas decorations not to mention cacti and cute homewares. Sign me up to my pension plan now.

3. Bake A Yule Log

One year we tried Christmas cookies but they didn’t go so well so naturally we set our sights on making a yule log. Ho ho ho no.

4. Go Ice Skating

I’m absolutely awful at ice skating, well I think I am. I haven’t been since I was about 14 but I can imagine it will be a bambi on ice situation. Cambridge often have a cute little ice rink in the city centre so I might face my fears. 

5. A HomeSense Trip

My favourite interiors destination gets EVEN BETTER at Christmas time, full to the brim with amazing decorations, food, gifts and everything else you could imagine. It’s a haven of festivity. I may have already bought into the Christmas hype already, as you’ve already seen…

6. Head To Winter Wonderland

I have a love/hate with this place. Last year myself and Charlie had to wait in a mahussive queue just to get inside the place as it was overcrowded. This is what I hate. I can handle crowds to a certain extent but it was just MANIC. I do love it for all it’s festive greatness, rides and candy floss though plus Rosie’s never been so we’re gonna swing by.

7. Shopping In London

Am I crazy? Christmas shopping in London is a chaotic experience I put myself through every year then look back on through rose tinted glasses. But you can’t deny the buzz of Regent Street on the countdown to Christmas, plus I love visiting Liberty and looking at all the amazing window displays.

8. A Day in Cambridge

We live just outside the city but Cambridge is a lovely place to stroll around whatever time of the year but it’s even more magical at Christmas.

Do you have any Christmassy plans for December?

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