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Want to find the perfect Christmas gift for the girl who has everything? I might just have the answer. We all love gifts, but how often do you forget the items you were bought for Christmas within a few months? Experiences create memories that last forever, I know that a couple of the gifts I’m giving this year revolve around an activity or tickets for an event (but it’s still a surprise so I have to stay quiet!).

A day at the spa is the ultimate relaxant. An opportunity to unwind, forget the daily stresses and focus on being pampered for the day. There’s nothing quite like spending a day with your best friend in fluffy robes, hopping in an out of the jacuzzi stopping only for a quick lunch.

The Urban Retreat at Harrods is luxury defined and their Moroccan Hammam spa rooms transform you into a different world. Inspired by Moroccan decor and culture it’s the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. There are various rooms which each offer a different experience, from the traditional steam room to their luxurious warm rooms and a regal lounge to kick back and let your body relax.

The unique Hammam treatments are said to hold healing properties as well as opening the pores in your body to rid of toxins, bacteria and impurities. As well as giving your body the ultimate detox, Hammam treatments are also particularly amazing at easing breathing issues and clearing your sinuses, definitely handy in beating that winter cold whilst giving your body the ultimate pick-me-up.

View the full treatment menu here and tell me you’re not tempted…

*This post was made in collaboration with the Hammam spa

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