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Have you heard of WishWant? If not, you might want to read on because gifting just got way easier!
WishWant is a new online service which enables you to send someone special to you a gift, but that’s not all. They get to choose the gift! Pretty good huh?
How it works is you go onto website and select a group of gifts from the online selection, within the price bracket you desire. A little booklet (as pictured above) then gets sent to the recipient of your choice.

Once they’ve received the selection of items you’ve chosen for them, they then head over to WishWant, enter their unique code and select one of the gifts to be sent out to them. Nifty!
It’s the perfect option for gift giving to someone who either owns everything, you don’t know all that well or just for fun! The selection of gifts on the site are pretty impressive too. I opted for this book ‘Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth’ as travelling and exploring is on my mind a lot lately. I fancied a bit of inspo!

What do you think of the WishWant gifting service? Is it something you would use for gift giving?

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