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It’s no surprise I’m a big HomeSense fan. I regularly feature them on here as I find endless gems to share with you all! My local HomeSense in Cambridge really is a treasure trove, I usually visit once a fortnight and never leave empty handed, how could I – they have a whole section just for candles. Swoon. If you happen to be wondering into a HS anytime soon then I recommend the Vila Hermanos candles, they’re gorgeous! Whenever I see them in there I buy about 5, no joke, I have over 10 in my house currently. Gotta keep stocks haven’t you.


Aside from the amazing collection of candles, notebooks and pretty coffee table books, I also find a lot of useful storage items there. I have a lot of ‘things’ which seem to just spread around the house, mostly as I just leave everything lying around, but yes lots of stuff. I recently picked up this gorgeous wooden ‘Smith Foundries’ crate which I love! It’s definitely my style and I use it to pile up blankets, instead of leaving them lying around the sofa. 


A little while back I also picked up these gorgeous copper wire baskets. As you can see, I use the larger one for my clutch bags, because aren’t they just the hardest thing to store? Where do you put them? In a drawer, or in a wardrobe? Anyway I thought a basket would be a good idea, and the little one I use for my nail polish. 


I’m going to be making another HomeSense visit this bank holiday weekend so I shall update with any new purchases! It really is a moochers dream, so if your stuck for BH plans, why not take yourself to your nearest HomeSense? Although your bank balance might be in danger. Soz.

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