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jumpsuit6Topshop Pom Pom Jumpsuit / Birkenstock Arizona’s / Cavin Klein Bea Bag /ASOS Sunglasses 

A really simple and extra comfy outfit for the minor heatwave we had over the weekend! It hit 30 degrees in Cambridge so I’m glad I had this floaty jumpsuit to see me through! I actually bought it for my holiday next month but thought I might as well get as much wear out of it before it’s time for the jumpers.

I’ve been a bit MIA (well compared to usual) on here and social media as my poor Macbook took a turn for the worst! It had been a bit slow recently and this week just died on me, and the circle of doom came up and yeah…I couldn’t do anything on it. I had to leave it with Apple and they replaced my hard drive which means it’s now super fast but also means I’ve lost absolutely everything. I should have learnt from Sex & The City to BACK UP MY FILES. God damn it. 

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