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Hey guys! So I wanted to pop an outfit up today (as I quite liked my ootd if I do say so myself) but my photographer (boyfriend) let me down! Pfft! So anyway I was planning on posting about these two cleansers I’ve been trying out so here we go. A little while back I had a little splurge on skincare and two of the products I picked up was this DHC cleansing oil from Feel Unique and the Korres cleansing gel via ASOS. 


I tried out the Korres cleansing gel first, I’ve never actually use a gel formula before so I was intrigued. I was also drawn to the fact it was for sensitive skin, not that my skin is particularly over sensitive but I do find the occasional product irritates it. I have to be honest, I wasn’t keen on this product. The gel made my face feel a little sticky and I had to use a lot of it each time to remove my makeup. I used it for around a week and it made my eyes quite sore and break out in dry patches. These have cleared up since I’ve stopped using it thankfully, but I have to say this isn’t one for me. Though I won’t be put off from trying Korres products again as I’ve previously used a moisturiser which was great. The cleansing gel won’t be coming out again soon though.


Next up, the DHC cleansing oil. I had high hopes for this as clearly the gel didn’t work for me, I felt an oil might be better. I massaged it into my face each night and washed off with a warm flannel. It broke down my makeup easy and I didn’t have to scrub or pick off any mascara. I was really impressed with how easily it removed all signs of foundation etc. It also left my skin feeling soft and didn’t further irritate my eyes which were still a little sore from the gel saga. After a week of using this every evening, I’ve noticed a visible difference in my skin. It feels so much cleaner and my pores appear less visible and I just feel my skin has an overall healthier look to it. I will definitely be repurchasing this product, probably again and again until I find something equally as great!

So it’s my Birthday on Tuesday and I’m turning 23 AHGHGHHHHGH!!!!! I started this blog when I was 19 so that is slightly crazy/depressing. Time goes so fast *sob*. I also have an exam this week, isn’t that great timing? So I might be a little quiet on the post front, unless I completely ignore the fact I have an exam and focus my priorities on clothing instead. Hmmm sounds familiar…

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