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Topshop Striped Blouse / H&M Trousers / Nelly Coat / Adidas Superstars / Mulberry Satchel / A Weathered Penny Marble Detail Necklace*

Hello! Today is my first post in collaboration with jewellery brand A Weathered Penny. They sell some lovely pieces, including the ever-so delicate necklace as featured above, featuring a gorgeous little marble ball. I love marble details so this necklace is me all over! What do you think? I bought this coat a couple of weeks ago after succumbing to the fact I probably wouldn’t get my mitts on the sold out Warehouse teddy style coat. This was a similar match and seems as its still freakin’ freezing I thought why not! My top and trousers are also new purchases, I’m going through one of those stages where you just want to refresh your wardrobe!

So in terms of life, the reason I’ve been quite busy as of late is firstly I’m trying to survive the final stage of third year but also I landed a grad job! I started a few weeks ago on a part time basis whilst I finish uni, so I am now officially a digital marketer! Those expensive uni years and months and months of interning have paid off, phew! I might put together a post about my uni course (fashion marketing) and interning experiences if that would be of interest to anyone? Oh and I bought a new car yesterday! I’m starting to feel like one of those adult things…more from me soon!

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