So it's give guide number two and it's one for the fashion lovers, which I suspect is most of you reading this! I had a lot of fun putting this together and if anyone is wondering what to get me (Charlie if you're reading this) then you have no excuses ;).

I never bought into the infamous tiger Kenzo jumpers but I'm totally obsessed with the brand, I love their bags and accessories and I've wanted the tiger ring for AGES, and the clutch is just monochrome perfection. My watch is always Marc Jacobs, I'm on my third now and I still love them, I love the use of the letters for the dial on this particular one. Very swish. I couldn't put together a wishlist without including my favourite brand of the moment which is Whistles, the roll top clutch is gorgeous and I love the subtle logo at the bottom. Celine sunglasses are a staple and an investment I'm yet to invest in. I always have a habit of losing sunglasses, in fact I'm currently still looking for a pair I lost two weeks ago so maybe the expensive sunglasses aren't a great idea for me personally...

With the biggest discount weekend coming up, many retailers have already started their crazy discounts, I've listed some below and will add any other good ones I see, so you can grab a bargain before there's nothing left!

Happy Shopping!