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Glamorous Striped Trousers* / Missguided Top* / Missguided Platform Sliders* / Pauls Boutique Bag*

I had a few looks from bemused males when I wore these trousers out and about, I suppose I can see why, they are a little ‘out there’ for non fashion folk but I love ’em! I’ve been after some wide leg trousers (specifically striped) for aaaages, I tried to track down a silky H&M pair but I couldn’t find them in store and I’ve had too many bad experiences with their website to go down that route again. I actually stumbled across these on the Glamorous website by accident, I was searching for stripes in general when these babies popped up! I don’t think you can find them by looking under the trousers category for some reason but I’ve linked them as I always do. They’re actually in the sale for £18 if you fancy them! I hope everyones week has got off to a good start, Mondays always seem to come around so quickly don’t they. Oh and don’t forget to enter my giveaway below!!!

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