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Topshop Jumpsuit / Primark Tee / Zara Jacket / New Look Shoes / La Moda Bag*

Hello! A controversial outfit, I think you will either love it or loaaaaathe it entirely. I personally think this jumpsuit is pretty cool, I love the pattern as I’m generally not into florals but they’re black and white so I think it’s acceptable. I purchased it on Friday in the Oxford Circus store as I went for a little bit of pre birthday shopping and a day out. It’s actually my birthday today so I’m off into Cambridge for lunch and a little bit of shopping with my mum. I’m 22 and couldn’t be less thrilled about it to be honest.

I think this outfit will be worn a lot over spring, it’s so comfy and wearable. I’ve booked a trip to Barcelona in June so I can see this being a potential ensemble! My bag is from La Moda (you have to check out their chunky shoe collection) and it’s the perfect daytime bag, big enough to throw everything in! I hope everyone has a great start to their week, praying for some more sun! Let me know how you’d wear this jumpsuit…if you’d wear it!

Tilly xo

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