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Boohoo Culottes / ASOS Crop* / H&M Trench Coat / Topshop Boots / Mulberry Effie Bag / Chelsea Doll Necklace*

Hiii! It feels weird posting on a Saturday but it’s nice and bright and I FINALLY had a moment to snap some pictures. I’ve had the busiest week in a long time, I had uni every day and then yesterday I went to London with Charlie for a little bit of pre-birthday shopping. I finally got to go to five guys as well. The veggie option was a bit meh but the fries and drink machine won me over. I can see that being a novelty that wouldn’t wear off on me for a long while haha. Oh and I chopped my hair off again, it feels so much fresher and healthier, I’m loving this length more than I thought I would! It only took me 10 years to do it!

So although I’ve been ultra busy I have had time to acquire a few new bits and pieces (I’ve got into a habit of using my phone to shop at night, lethal). I really wanted these culottes but they sold out and I was gutted. I checked the website again and there was one pair back in stock in a 10 so I snapped them up! Last week I wasn’t sure on culottes and didn’t own a pair, now I love them and have four pairs. Ooops. The lovely ladies at Chelsea Doll sent me over this gorgeous necklace, it’s so so cute I’ve been wearing it so often and had quite a few people ask me about it. Such a fab statement necklace. Hopefully I’ll have time to post again tomorrow again as I’m keen to get posting more frequently again!

Tilly xo

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