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Howdy folks. On a roll with the old outfit posts at the moment! Whenever I seem to be really busy with uni work I SOMEHOW always find extra time to blog, funny that. A very pastel centred outfit today, I did feel slightly marshmallow-ish. My skirt is a newbie from River Island, I really wanted the pink and lilac version but I snoozed and well, lost. It has however crept back in stock (typical). So I snapped up the blue one before it could be cruelly whipped away from me. It's very short and has a tendency to rise as the day goes on so I have to be a bit cautious of that...

Today is my Friday, thank god! The week has just dragged on and on and I've felt so rough too. I have two essays due in next week so my weekend will consist of work, but I will probably make time for Chiquitos at some point. A new one just opened up by me and I'm now obsessed with Mexican food! Give me all the nachos.

Tilly xo