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Poppy Lux Jumper* / ASOS Skirt* / H&M Coat / Barratts Boots* / Moschino Bag / Random German Football Hat

Brrr, I feel like the temperature has massively dropped, I’ve been freezing these past couple of days! So obviously, I wear bare legs. In my defence, I think pencil skirts look weird with tights. I don’t know why I just don’t think they suit them, maybe I will get some of those nude tights. Anyway, I’ve been snuggling up in my H&M coat this week. I think I’ve featured on here before but it was such a bargain, I got it for 24 pounds from 30 (which I thought was cheap anyway) a couple of months back when they did a student discount event. It keeps me nice and warm! My Poppy Lux jumper is perfect for brightening up a dull day, if you haven’t checked them out yet make sure you do! The hat is from Germany, Charlie bought it for me when he went to watch Arsenal, then tried to nab it back off me – nahuh!

Not the most exciting of weekends at all. I’m determined to have all my uni work done by Tuesday so I can submit it and relax. I’m going out for dinner on Wednesday night which I’m looking forward to and then I’m heading to London at the weekend. I can’t wait to start getting in the festive mood! I might even bake something, any festive baking recommendations? If you’ve posted, link me!

Tilly xo

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