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Ugg boots* / ASOS Jacket* / Miss Selfridge Jeans / Topshop Knit / Michael Kors Hamilton Bag / Monki Beanie 

Oh the UGG boot, a bit like marmite in my eyes, you either love em’ or hate em’. I’ve stuck loyal to my good old UGG boots through the years. I bought my first chestnut pair back in 2007, when Paris Hilton was still sort of relevant, I happen to still have this particular pair of UGGS, standing strong! A real testament to just how long these boots last. They are so worth the extra pennies and there is no denying to just how damn comfy they are! The perfect shoe for a snuggly Sunday, and a walk around the park. So a big thank you to UGG for supplying my tootsies with these warm treats! Also, just thought I would mention just how impressed I was with their leather boots, I didn’t realise they had such a vast range. Though I was still swayed towards the classic!

Anyway, I realise it’s been a while since I’ve actually blogged. I didn’t intend on taking a break but I’ve been non stop at the moment. I was away last week with my gal pals, then it was back to the uni routine and what not, so this weekend has been a much needed period of relaxation! I’m going to try and get back into a little blogging routine though. I really need to sort my life out in terms of planning and setting aside time for uni/blogging. In other news, I am saoo excited for Christmas! It’s November now so no scrooges can moan, I love everything festive and I’m going to make sure I head to Winter Wonderland again this year and I’d also love to visit a Christmas market abroad! Have you ever been to any? I’ve visited the Lille one and I also visited Dublin last year, but perhaps a different one in France or Germany? Hit me up with any suggestions!

Tilly xo

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