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Pussycat London Jacket* / Zoe Karssen via ASOS Jumper* / ASOS Pencil Skirt* / Topshop Boots / Mulberry Bag / Topshop Fedora

Say hello to my new favourite jacket! When I spotted this on the Pussycat London website I immediately knew it belonged in my wardrobe. It was the last one left and it was in my size so it was meant to be! It’s so soft and and snuggly and fits in well with my current pastel obsession. It’s funny, at first I was slightly horrified that pastels were going to be ‘in’ this A/W (where my burgundies at?) but now I’m a girl obsessed. bahhhh.

I picked up this fedora in Topshop over the weekend, I used to have my bowler hat glued to my head but I think I’ve found my new favourite style of hat. It’s also handy in covering my awful roots that I have at the moment! I desperately need my hair coloured again but it’s so expensive. I daren’t ever try to put blonde in from a store packet as I know it will end in disaster! I can’t believe the blue colour I put in my ends is still there. I used the bleach london range in the ‘washed up mermaid’ shade, I do really like it I just didn’t expect it to last as long. Anyway, today I’m trying to get some uni work down, I’ve decided if I get half of my lit review done by the end of the day then I’m treating myself to these, a nice incentive.

Tilly xo

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