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On Wednesdays we wear pink! Yep, continuing with the pink theme from my last post, I think this is the perfect winter coat. So warm, snuggly and cute. I feel like a giant marshmallow walking around town and especially with my mermaid dip dye (which fyi is SO stubborn, it just won't leave my hair). This "Team Paris" top is now one of my favourites, I love anything to do with Paris, plus it's black so a winner in my books. The Rocket Dog trainers are soo comfy, I actually felt like a rocket dog, springing around in them! They also come in a nice silver/metallic shade too!

So as I mentioned before, I'm off to Newquay tomorrow for Halloween. I might take some snaps to feature on here, something slightly different! If you have any other ideas for different posts I'm all ears, it would be nice to do something that isn't an outfit really. 

Tilly xo