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ASOS Jumper / ASOS Shirt / Celliana Necklace* / Bank Fashion Skirt* / Topshop Beanie / Barratts Boots* / Mulberry Bag

Did I want to wear this beanie today? No. Did I have to because of the wind? Yes. Ugh how annoying is this weather!? If it’s not raining it’s high speed winds, making outfit blogging all fun and games. I’ve welcomed pink into my wardrobe with open arms this A/W, I’ve been sucked into the trend! I’ve never been a fan of pink (try telling that to my 11 year old self) but I’m loving the pastel, dusty shades of it floating around at the moment. I found this ASOS White jumper on a whim browsing the sale, it was only 20 pounds so I was really chuffed. It’s a size bigger than normal but I couldn’t turn down such a bargain! I decided to pair it up with my shirt, it has a really cute scalloped collar, it’s surprising how much wear I’ve got out of this plain white shirt since I bought it, so good for layering under jumpers.

I decided to team them with this pencil skirt from Bank, I have so many pencil skirts they’re one of my favourite styles to wear on the bottom half. Sometimes I’m sick of jeans and trousers but I really don’t like wearing tights. I feel I can get away with bare legs if it’s with something below knee in autumn, probably not long until it’s too cold though! My boots were kindly sent to me for review from Barratts and I have to say they are one of the comfiest pairs of boots I own! I wasn’t sure if they would rub a bit as they’re slightly pointy but they’re amazing. I love the gold detail too I think it just adds something extra!

I’m off to Newquay for Halloween on Thursday, yippee! I’m heading down with a couple of friends, one of whom moved there over summer. I can’t wait to dress up and have fun and generally just be stress free for a few days. Uni work is creeping up and I can’t seem to get myself motivated. I think a break is just what I need, follow me on instagram if you fancy checking out my costumes! I have two prepared as we’re going out twice, I can’t wait to get creative with my make-up!

Tilly xo

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